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Full Day wine Tour to Kakheti

During the tour you will explore ancient Georgian wine region where you will much enjoy the breathtaking views, incredible local wines, authentic Georgian cuisine, culinary master classes and unforgettable Georgian hospitality. You will learn a lot about Georgian viticulture and feast traditions from our professional guide.


About tour :

Georgia is considered to be one of the oldest wine regions all over the globe. Georgia is the birthplace of wine, since wine on the territory of the country was producing about 8000 years ago.  Moreover, in Georgia about 500 grape varieties used to be cultivated. Georgian Traditional and unique wine-making process involves pressing the grapes and then pouring the juice, grape skins, stalks and pips into the Qvevri, which is the huge egg shaped clay vessel sealed and buried in the ground.  Wine is fermenting and maturing for five to six months. Unlike the European wine-making tradition in Georgia grape juice and grapes itself are kept together for some time before their separation. It gives Georgian wine its particular bouquet, strength and tannin. Georgian ancient way of wine fermentation got in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list.
It can be said that the wine is inseparable part of Georgian culture, religion and identity, thus Georgian traditional feast is famous with toasting and with the high level of socialization. Georgian traditional toasts are passing from generation to generation and still preserve their meaning and importance.
Kakheti is the main wine producing region of Georgia. Special climate and fertile valleys creates the perfect conditions for wine making traditions. It is well known that up to 104 endemic varieties of grapes are cultivated at the Alaverdi Monastery of Saint George.
Our first stop will be at Signagi, the hilly city with its unique and outstanding architecture, where the landscape is insane with its stunning views of Alazani valley and of snowy tops of Caucasus Mountain range. In the area we will visit the local vineyard and winery.
We also visit Bodbe Monastery, which is associated with St. Nino, Equal of the Apostles and Enlightener of Georgia. Three-nave basilica is surrounded by the Cypress trees and green terrain. Here you can buy different beautiful handicrafts made by the nuns of the monastery.
Tsinandali which is one of the most important destinations in the region is our next stop. Tsinandali is the first place where Alexander Chavchavadze matured wine in European style. You will have a chance to visit the museum, palace, famous garden with rare plants and the cellar which still keeps the unique wine collection.
At the end of the tour we have a lunch at château Mosmieri.
During our wine trip you have a great opportunity to try both different homemade and premium wines matured in traditional Georgian and in European styles. After wine degustation you will participate in culinary master classes where you can try to make Churchkela  and to bake Georgian traditional bread. Our professional guide will tell you a lot about the history of Georgian culture and winemaking traditions.

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