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How to Travel to Georgia and in Georgia

All about Transportation in Georgia

Transport in Tbilisi. Transport in Georgia.
We always start to plan our trips from the research. Here are some useful tips about the issues of transportation in Georgia. Hope our information helps you to arraigned your travel easier.
In Georgia there are several international airports which serve passengers from the different countries. The biggest one is Tbilisi International Airport TBS. In Batumi you can arrive in Batumi International Airport BUS. There is one ore International Airport in Kutaisi KUT. All information about arrivals and departures in all those airports you can find on the following page:
Wiz air through the Kutaisi Airport offers the direct flights from many European cities including Paris, Vilnius, Munich,  Warsaw, Prague, Milan, Rome and so on. For the details see:
Georgian airways also has the direct flights to or from London, Vienna, Cologne, Tel Aviv, Brussels. You can order your tickets online:
How to get from the airport to your destination point? There are few options:
Taxi: you can always order taxi using apps: taxify; ibery. But it can take time while taxi will pick you up and sometimes it is not easy especially after the long flight. Ordered taxi will charge you for 20 GEL, it is about 7 EUR. There is another option to take taxi directly at the airport which will cost a little bit more expensive about 25 GEL (9EUR). The rates include Carrying your luggage.
Transfer service:
You can always arrange your transfer in advance before you start your trip. There are many traveling  companies in Georgia offering this service. Driver will pick you up directly from the arrival desk at the airport. This service costs approximately 50 GEL which is about 17 Euros. From my point of view this is most secure way to get your place from the airport. On our website you can find detailed information about the transfers.
Car Rental:
If you plan to travel individually without guide or driver you can always rent the car for your long trip to the different parts of Georgia. Depends on the vehicle the prices are arraigning between 40-50 USD per day.  Here you can find the cars and prices we offer to our guests:
For intercity traveling you can order the bus tickets online using the page: This source is useful when you want to get from Kutaisi or Batumi Airports to Tbilisi as well since the rout is designed directly from the mentioned airports.
Shared van so called Marshrutka is widely used and comfortable means of transportation in Georgia for both traveling within the cities or for departure to another cities. In Tbilisi to travel by marshrutka costs 50-80 Tetri which is about 30 cents.
If you want to get around Tbilisi cheaply and for fast, than metro is the best solution for you. One way trip to any destination costs 50 Tetri or about 30 cents. Just the point is that that  not  any place of the city is reachable by metro, for example to get to Vake, one of the central parts of Tbilisi, you need to switch of the bus or Marshrutka. For traveling by metro you need to have the special card so called Metromoney, which is possible to purchase at any Metro Station and which costs 2 GEL.
Standard tariffs and discounts for municipal transport including bus, metro and ropeways you can find here:
Bon Voyage and Welcome to Georgia!
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