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Full Day Tour to Shida Kartli

During your travel you visit three important cities of Western Georgia which are the most popular attractions for the visitors. Mtskheta being the cultural and religious center is ancient capital of Georgia. Gori area used to be the central part of the Silk Road trade route. Gori is also known as the home town of Joseph Stalin. Uplistsikhe is the ancient rock-hewn town with the various structures dating from the Early Iron Age.


About tour :

After leaving the capital we will head up to the Jvari monastery. The church which is dated back to  the 6th century and which is located on the mountaintop, gives you the stunning overlook of old capital Mtskheta and of confluence of two rivers Mtkvari and Aragvi. There you will have an opportunity to marvel at the amazing landscapes all around and to snap incredible photos.
We offer to have the next stop at Grakliani Hill. This outdoor museum granted with the status of national cultural heritage is located on the slope of highway on our way to Gori. Nowadays Grakliani Hill is one of the most interesting and important archaeological settlements and necropolis on the territory of Georgia, since the monument presents nearly all of the periods of human development, started from the 4th century BC until the period of Christianity.
We will continue our trip to Gori area which in medieval ages served as the active trade center and as the strong military standpoint. Gori is also popular waypoint for the visitors due to being the birthplace of soviet leader Joseph Stalin. The museum of Joseph Stalin was opened in 1937 and it exhibits dictator’s personal belongings, office furniture, some documents and photos, memorial house and the personal train carriage in which he traveled to Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam.
Another place we will visit is Uplistsikhe, multi-functional ancient rock-hewn town and the oldest urban settlement of Georgia. The cave city is notable with its different constructions, central street, alleys and staircases. It is worth to mention that Uplistsikhe unifies different styles of Anatolian and Persian rock cut cultures. The city also presents the combination of features of pagan and Christian architecture.
On our way back we will visit the third city Mtskheta which is the ancient capital of Georgia and plenty of legends and myths are associated with it. Town is  UNESCO heritage site and Georgian Orthodox Church declared it as the “holy city”. Mtskheta which is nestled on the confluence of two rivers is marvelous with its amazing architecture, with the Main cathedral, with the different layers of human life development and with its unique spirit.
At the end of our trip we will enjoy our dinner at the famous restaurant in the area which is particularly famous among tourists. You can try different delicious food and can benefit from traditional Georgian feast.
The tour is perfect for those who want to get familiar with the ancient history of Georgia, who want to learn a lot about the region from the professional guide and who want to explore and just to enjoy incredible places of the country.

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