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History of the city originates from the V century and the city has been under development ever since as a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic center of the Caucasus. Tbilisi, with its unique beauty, captivates the visitors with its diversity and at the same time, with its originality. The peculiarity that dignifies Tbilisi amongst other cities is its unique architecture, where the Asian and European styles are intercrossed. The old city and the baths – it is the embodiment of the Asian influence. In the XIX century, the facilities emerged in Tbilisi built in the style of the late Russian classicism, Art Nouveau Tbilisi and modernism. However, the Mauritanian buildings have been simultaneously built.  The German settlements emerge at the left embankment of the River Mtkvari within the same period, titled as the New Tbilisi. Thus, Tbilisi becomes the destination in high demand for the merchants, rich-men from Europe and Asia, for the poets, singers, writers and for mere travelers aspiring to the new and exotic sensations. Old streets, alleyways, unique premises still are the keepers of the secrets of the new and old Tbilisi. During the tour, you will find out interesting stories of the then era, the names of the famous figures who left their trace in history of this wonderful city.


Following the ancient paths

From time immemorial, the ancient nations used to take the old Georgian Military Road even in the VI century B.C. Scythians moved through Trans-Caucasus and in 1899, the Military Road was open connecting Tiflis with Vladikavkaz.

In old ages, the road served as the source of inspiration for Pushkin, Lermontov, Mayakovski and other famous figures. Many travelers from Europe, wandering along this old road, have described the unbelievable beauty of Caucasus and divers routine life of Caucasian people. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to contemplate change of the nature starting from 500 m altitude above the sea level up to 2500 m. Along the road, you will see the historical places, cultural monuments, you can also drink the mineral and spring waters. The final destination of the tour – the Mount Kazbegi, which is the keeper of lots of real and fictitious stories. You will also see the St. Trinity Church famous with its beauty and unique location.


Shida Kartli

it is the central part of the country. The Shida Kartli region is rich with the natural resources, historical and cultural monuments. The fertile lands of Kartli yield the richest crops of various delicious fruits, many of which are being exported. During the summer tour, you will have the opportunity to taste the crops of the local orchards of apple, cherries, apricots. You even can gather some for your further trip.


Trip to Kakheti region

Kakheti – the home of the fertile lands, rich harvest and traditional winery. As you know, 60% of total amount of Georgian grapes grows in Kakheti. During the tour, you will visit the famous historical sights, ancient cities, wine cellars where you will have the opportunity to taste various sorts of Kakhetian wine and to participate in making famous Churchkhela – the most delicious Georgian treat. You will as well find out the difference between the traditional winery and wine-making.




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