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We present tours throughout Georgia the year around. Our tours cover all the popular destinations of the country of Georgia.


The tour takes start on every Saturday

Price per person

960 usd

The tour is provided in Russian and English languages

 Duration of the tour – 10 days and 10 nights

Number of the participants – 10 persons at most

Direction: Kakheti, Kartli, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Adjara


The tour price includes

insurance, hotels, transportation, full board (breakfast in the hotel, supper in the restaurant and lunch on the way), gift from the company, transfer from Tbilisi International Airport to the hotel and back.

Price includes 3-star hotel in Tbilisi and the guest houses in the regions.

In case you prefer 4-star and 5-star hotels,

we can offer and book for you another options for additional price.



Day 1

 Day 1

arrival in Tbilisi

transfer from Tbilisi Airport and accommodation in the hotel, free hours after the flight and free evening

Night in Tbilisi


Day 2

Day 2


Tour in the city

Old Tbilisi - Old Tbilisi is the Asian part of the city, which originates from the V century and which is associated with the mysterious legends and myths. And the European part of the city was erected in the second half of the XIX century in the style of Russian classicism, Art Nouveau Tbilisi and modernism..

Breakfast in the hotel. Delicious tea or coffee in the famous Gabriadze cafe. Dinner in the restaurant and banquet.

Night in Tbilisi


Day 3

Day 3

Kakheti: Tsinandali, Chateau Mosmieri

Tsinandali - – historical estate of the Kakhetian aristocratic family Chavchavadze.

In the end of the first half of the XIX century, Tsinandali served as the cultural center and the melting pot for the aristocratic life, hosting the guests not only from Georgia but from Russia and Europe – public figures such are : Pushkin, Lermontov, Alexandre Dumas, Alexander Griboedov etc. After David Chavchavadze, being forced to mortgage the property to save his family from captivity of Shamil, the estate has been delegated to the Emperor’s Court of Romanovs and was subject to reconstruction.

Mosmieri -the newly built Chateau, offering delicious Georgian dishes and allowing tasting of the fine Georgian wines and culinary master-classes.

Breakfast in the hotel. Wine tasting and tasting of Georgian Chacha with snacks. Dinner on the way to Kakheti region. Supper in the restaurant in Tbilisi

Night in Tbilisi


Day 4

Day 4


Chateau Mukhrani, Meskhet-Javakheti, Borjomi Gorge

Chateau Mukhrani - history of the Chateau originates from 1873, when Ivane Mukhran-Batoni, the descendent of Bagrationi family set to building the palace, vineyard, English garden and the winery.  The Tsinandali estate served as one of the most famous fashionable saloons in the XIX century.

When the Emperor Nicholas I of Russia visited Georgia, he was hosted in this very residence. After Ivane Mukhran-Batoni sold his estate, the estate was owned by the Romanov family. According to the legend, Romanov family even was making wine with their cadency Seal. We will spend a couple of hours in Chateau Mukhrani where we will participate in wine tasting in the historical garden just 35 km from Tbilisi.

Borjomi Gorge - it is the place which is strongly associated with the name of the vicegerent of the Tsar Mikhail Romanov, son of the Nicholas 1 of Russia and soon, Borjomi became the summer residence of the Romanov family.

Romanov Palace in Likani  - the Palace was built in 1892-1895 for the grandson of the Emperor Nicholas 1 of Russia and the son of the vicegerent Mikhail Romanov – Nikita. Leon Benois was engaged as the chief architect. The first Hydro-power Plan in this region was built for provision of energy for this Palace. The Palace still keeps some items of Romanov family: table  - the gift to the Emperor’s family of Romanov by the Napoleon Bonaparte, the walnut table for the hand of the Emperor Peter I of Russia, the Russian stove with the Borjomi gorge depicted, the armchair – the gift to Romanov family by the Iranian Shah, the pool table also attributed to the Romanov era.

Borjomi park  – famous worldwide with its uniqueness. According to the legend, the bridges in the park are decorated with the iron railings, which are the residual parts of the Eiffel Tower, provided to Borjomi on the basis of the demand by Mikhail Romanov.

Borjomi mineral waters - you can drink waters directly from the healing springs.

Sulfur baths  - the baths are located in the depth of Borjomi park. During the tour, you will have the healing sulfur bath and have a sun-tan.

Breakfast in the hotel, wine tasting with snacks in the Chateau Mukhrani, dinner on the way to Borjomi, supper in the hotel.

Night in Borjomi.


Day 5

Day 5

Meskhet-Javakheti :

Akhaltsikhe, Rabati, Abastumani.

Rabat - the Rabat fortress was built at the turn of the XVII and XVIII centuries during Russo-Turkish war. The great battle was held between Russian troops under the walls of Akhaltsikhe under commandment of the General I.F. Paskevich and Turkish Army under commandment of Kios-Mahomet-Pasha. Currently, the fortress has been restored into one of the best travel destinations in this part of Georgia.

Abastumani - one of the most famous mineral resorts in the country. In the XVII century, Abastumani was a densely inhabited town and in the XIX century, it has become the wellness resort due to the unique healing climate, thermal and sulfur baths and healing mineral springs. The Tsarevich George, son of the Alexander III and the brother of Nicholas II moved in Abastumani due to the grave lung disease. The wooden palace with the marble thermal baths has been built especially for him, which is preserved up-today. George Romanov built the Church of the Alexander Nevsky with the Nunnery.

Abastumani Observatory  - history of the Observatory is associated with the name of George Romanov as George Romanov and his friend, Professor Sergey Glazenapam have established the first  mountain astronomical observatory in 1892, where S. Glazenapam has made the world scientific discovery. After death of George Romanov, the observatory ceased functioning. Later, the first mountain astrophysical observatory was established in 1932 during the Soviet Union period with the initiative of the Professor, Evgeni Kharadze due to the favorable conditions for observing the starts.

Breakfast in the hotel, dinner on the way to Abastumani, supper in the hotel.

Night in Abastumani.


Дариальское ущелье, Граница Грузии с Россией

Days 6-9

Days 6-9

Adjara : Batumi

Batumi - the port and the city in Georgia at the coast of the Black Sea, the Capital of Adjara and the main touristic center in modern Georgia. Nowadays, Batumi is the key cultural, economic and touristic center of the country. It is famous with its historical downtown and modern touristic district with the skyscrapers. Lots of people associate Batumi with the Romanov family.

Alexander Nevsky Church  - the Emperor also participated in the opening ceremony of the Orthodox Church of Alexander Nevsky.

Batumi park   - the tour includes the walk in the old park, where Alexander and the future Emperor Nicholas, enchanted with the beauty of the park, planted the rare species of the trees and thus, the park was named after Alexander.

Batumi beaches  - the Black Sea coast stretches with several kilometers. It includes the sandy and stony beaches and always provides the opportunity to opt for the famous place where you can have a sun-bath, drink soft drinks and have a good rest.

Night-time Batumi  - today, Batumi is a modern city, where you can have a good rest and excellent time. The coast provides variety of the cafes, bars, night clubs and dance clubs under the open sky. In the evenings, you can enjoy the night life of Batumi.

Breakfast in the hotel, dinner in the restaurant – banquet in the traditional Georgian restaurant, free evening hours.


Day 10

Day 10

Arrival to Tbilisi

night in Tbilisi

transfer to the Airport



Georgian Cuisine:

Georgia is the country of diversities. As you are traveling across the country you are witnessing the gradual changing the landscape and architecture. At the same time you are experiencing the change in the culture, traditions and cuisine. If in the west Georgia people prefer more corn bread, in the eastern part of the country the white bread is mostly baked in Tone, the huge and heated clay jag. It is truly sad that Georgian cuisine represents extremely delicious dishes, especially Khachapuri, Khinkali, eggplants with nuts, Ghomi, Chkmeruli and so on. While traveling with us you can test all the popular Georgian dishes In the local restaurants.


Culinary Masterclasses:

During the tour you will have an opportunity to try yourself in baking traditional Georgian bread in Tone, also you can participate in cooking of Khinkali and Khachapuri. All the events promise to get much fun, joy and extremely delicious impressions.


Wine degustation:

We designed our tour in order to give you an opportunity to stay in famous Georgian wine spots and try different Georgian wines matured both in traditional Georgian and so called European ways. As it is well known Georgian viticulture counts about 8000 years and there  used to be cultivated more then 500 grape varieties. Thus Georgian wines are considered to be unique with its test, consistent and bouquet.


Georgian nature

Georgia is located on the Black Sea coast and along the Caucasian mountain ranges. Mountains cover over the two thirds of Georgia’s landscape and deep forests occupy one third of the territory of the country. Georgia shows impressive variety of climate zones including Mediterranean, subalpine, alpine and subtropical zones. Our trip starts from the middle part of Georgia, then we will visit kakheti where you can enjoy the views of fertile valleys with the snow pics of Caucasian mountains and vineyards of the region. Resort Abastumani which is famous for its mineralized hyperthermic springs rich in sulfate-sodium chloride waters, is the starting point for hiking to the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park. Next destination is Black Sea shore with its cultural landmarks and subtropical natural beauties.






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