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We present tours throughout Georgia the year around. Our tours cover all the popular destinations of the country of Georgia.




The traveler’s inspiration

Are you “desperate” for traveling? Are you the wanderer to the new and savage places? Are you the inveterate fisher dreaming of the mountain lakes? Or are you merely bored of routine and strive to find the adventures for you and your family? Then you’ve found the right place.


Paradise on the Earth

Georgia is the country of mountains and the fast-flowing rivers, the country of the sun and the Black sea, the cradle of viticulture and ancient myths.


As in bygone days

Nowadays, Georgia is one of the travel destinations in high demand in the region. The number of the travelers willing to enjoy its unique and diverse nature, famous Georgian cuisine, bounty of wine and sights increases year over year as you can stay indifferent neither to Georgian character nor to Georgian traditions and hospitality.


The crossroad of the civilization

From time immemorial, the wanderers from the far lands and pilgrims aspiring to new adventures have recognized Georgia as the paradise on the Earth and have described it as the crossroad of various cultures and civilizations.

At the turn of the last two centuries, the long caravans lingering from the East have been actively accumulating in the Caravansaries in Tbilisi, while the modern European hotels have been built-up in the streets of the boiling city, opening its doors to the merchants, poets and actors from distant lands.



Georgian cuisine

Is there anybody on the planet who has never tasted Khachapuri, Satsivi, Chakhokhbili? Georgian cuisine – it is the bounty of the aromas, tastes and unforgettable sensations.

Georgian Traditional Dishes.


As we have heard from one of the verses of the famous singer – only the mountains can surpass the mountains – and Georgia is the country located along the Caucasian range opening the astonishing landscapes and rocky peaks for you to enjoy and offering the skiing tourism all year round.

Gergeti Trinity Church.
Black Sea

The whole coast of the resorts, unique picturesque views, lots of sun, warm sea and the unforgettable entertainment are awaiting for you in Georgia.

Night in Batumi. Black Seashore.

Mineral waters

Georgia is rich with the mineral waters full of healing powers. You can find abundance of the springs and sources in every part of Georgia.

Borjomi. Georgian Spring Waters.

Divine nectar

Georgian wine and Georgian Chacha – you can taste various sorts of wine in various regions of Georgia as Georgia can offer more than 500 sorts of vine.

Traditional Georgian Wines. Saperavi. Wine Tours in Georgia.

Popular destinations in Georgia

Top Places in Georgia. Gergeti Trinity Church.
Kakheti. Visit Georgia.
Trip to Georgia. Georgian Wine. Tsinandali Wine.
Visit Kazbegi. Gergeti Church.

David Gareja Monastery Complex

David Gareja - the  rock-hewn Georgian Orthodox monastery complex located in the Kakheti region of Eastern Georgia, on the half-desert slopes of Mount Gareja, some 60–70 km southeast of Georgia's capital Tbilisi on Georgia-Azerbaijan border. The road to the complex lies through the semi-desert area.


Tsinandali Estates

Tsinandali Estates – the historic estate with the parks and the winery. The House-museum and the palace belonged to the aristocratic family – Chavchavadze. Alexander Chavchavadze, the god-son of Catherine the Great and Alexander I, has set to building the palace in 1818. Soon, the palace has become the cultural hub hosting famous Russian and European figures and diplomats.


Gergeti Church

Gergeti Church – the Church has been built in the XIV century dedicated to the Holy Trinity. It is situated on the right bank of the river Chkheri at an elevation of 2170 meters under Mount Kazbegi along with the Georgian Military Road. The British Magazine “Telegraph” has enrolled the Church into the list of the most beautiful churches of the world where Gergeti Trinity Church occupies the sixth place.


Media and Georgia

Tours to Georgia. Shida Kartli.
The safest country to travel. Holiday in Georgia.
Top Places to Visit in Georgia.
Georgian Wine. Wine tours in Georgia.

Safe  travel


The US Department of State has enrolled Georgia into the list of the safest countries to travel in 2018.

best travel


The largest media-platform Lonely Planet has enrolled Georgia into the top ten best countries to travel to in 2018.

cradle of wine

The world scientific society has declared Georgia as the cradle of wine. Winery counts eight thousand years in Georgia and it has spread throughout the world.

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