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Handy Tips for your Trip to Georgia



Mestia. Tips for Travel to Georgia.
Plan to travel to Georgia? Decided to spend your vacation here? Do you want to enjoy all the beauties of Georgian landscapes and all the benefits of Georgian hospitality? Here are some useful information you should consider before you visit  the country. So let us start:
• Keep in mind that Smoking is already forbidden in all public places.
• Georgian people are very open and handful. People here especially love to greet strangers, so don’t get surprised, just smile to respond.
• Georgian hospitality is feautrable. Georgians love guests and to host them, even unknown people can invite you and share with you their food. Thus, don’t get scared or do not feel inconvenience for that, this is common in Georgia.
• Georgians are very sensitive towards the cultural and religious issues. While entering the churches follow the dress code given on the signs in front of the entrance.
• Georgian feast is famous with its abundance of food, drink, and toasts. Sometimes men love making competition in drinking. They might oblige guests to make the glass empty and to drink all the content. Remember, this is not Georgian tradition but modification of drinkers, so you always can find a polite reason to refuse emptying  your glass.
• Georgian cuisine is extremely delicious and diverse, sometimes it is really hard to resist or to stay apart. But try to control your eating process, there is always a chance to earn few more kilos here. If you suffer with allergy ask the content of ordered dishes which might contain nuts or gluten.
• Georgian drivers are famous with their terrible driving behaviors. So be careful when driving or even when crossing the streets.
• If you stop taxi in the street, always try to take the back seats. Otherwise you can order the taxi dialing the following number: +995 322 60 60 60. For late hours you can order the taxi from the taxi company “Ibery” tel: 0322 90 00 09. You can also use the app of Taxify or Ibery.
• You can drink tap water almost everywhere. You can ask tap water in the most of cafes, but some of them still serve only the bottled water, which makes me angry. This is not fair!
• What about electricity, here works 220v, 50 Hz. Plugs and adapters are used similar to European  system, not the US type
• Georgian currency is Lari GEL. You can exchange your money in banks or in the small exchange kiosks, which often offer the better deals. In Tbilisi the best rates you can find on Akhvlediani former Perovskaya street.
• I have almost forgotten to drop a line about Georgian punctuality. It is well known that Georgians love to get late everywhere. So if you arranged the date, be prepared that it might start a little bit late. It reminds me famous “Italian half an hour”.
• One more thing, in most cases Georgian early morning starts from 9.00 AM. Most shops and cafes are being open after 10.00 AM. Of course, there are quite a few places for early breakfast, but about it I will speak in another section. Follow us for that.
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